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First update!

Hey everyone! I guess this is the page where I'll start posting my upcoming shows and my anxious thoughts.

I just returned from a trip to New York where everything other than the comedy was a complete disaster.

Our flight circled LaGuardia for an hour because of a storm. We ended up landing in the sixth borough, Cleveland, Ohio. 

When we finally made it to New York the next morning, we were stranded. Our hotel cancelled our reservation (despite assuring us over the phone that they would hold our room), and every hotel we contacted was completely full. I assume many people were visiting Long Island City for the 39th annual Decay Convention.

We eventually figured out accommodations, but after two days of travelling and two hours of sleep, it was time to head back to LIC for the show at Creek & Cave. 

Barely Making It was so much fun, I can't thank y'all enough for getting me up at the last minute. Sitting in the dining room at that place is crazy intimidating. The wall is lined with photos of so many great comics. They stare down at you as you try to figure out a graceful way to eat a tostada (there isn't one). 

We crossed off a total of zero items from our New York to-do list. I did manage to avoid making eye contact with anyone, so it was an authentic experience. 

Frustrated, we moved up our return flight to Denver. That flight was cancelled because of rain in Cincinnati. Taken out of context, that doesn't make any sense. But in an airport, you take everything said by someone with a microphone for granted.

We spent the night in an airport hotel and finally made it home yesterday. Not before I spent $16 on a bagel. I can't say way, but when I paid, I said out loud, "Fucking DiBlasio." It's one hell of a town.

Anyway, catch me guest hosting Queen City Companion on June 7th (at Mutiny Information Cafe in Denver).
I'll be on New Money on June 13th (at License no. 1 in Boulder).
New episodes of The Revisionists every other Saturday!